Best massages hands down for me. I've been twice and both times I left pain free. They listen and adjust accordingly.

LaToya Chenelle

I absolutely loved my massage from Samruay (she goes by Sam)! I was really impressed by her ability to vary her pressure and techniques. What I liked most was how she focused on the problem areas I told her about. So many times I have gotten a massage and the therapist does their own thing without fully focusing on the areas that I want them to. She really listens!! Sam has a cozy studio in a very nice, clean and professional salon. As a woman I really appreciated the safe, secure and professional setting. I definitely look forward to future massages from her!!

Paige Mellville

Samruay is amazing! She did back walking and stretching, used her feet, hands, elbows and forearms on me and man I walked out of there feeling GREAT! Slept like a baby and woke with no lower back pain. If you're looking for an awesome Thai massage, Samruay is who you should see.

David Larson

Okay. I have found the closest to heaven when it comes to Thai massage. This lady Sam is the very best at Thai massage that i have ever had. Hands down!!!!

She has this special massage package price that i will for sure use...something like $49 per hour. I bought 5!!!

R Lee

I had an excellent massage here. Very professional and relaxing place. The Thai massage technique is one of the best you can get. If you are tired of the everyday cookie cutter massage most places give you , try this out.

Saranya Phutburi

This last massage was amazing , heaven on earth. I had back problems and let me tell you she took away the pain I had. Call her ! wow ! Best call you will ever make.

Jay Unun